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PentaKill Sona Keyboard Cosplay: Part 1

Hello Everyone. If you are following our Facebook page, you already know I am currently working on a PentaKill Sona Keyboard order. Here are my steps, from beginning to paper mache. It’s pretty much the same as all my other stuff! Step 1: Create the shape, draw it out/ trace on illustrator. Print it and…


CocoRocha’s LoL Cosplay for AN14

Hello Everyone, I’ve been asking around lately but have had so many different answers. I really am leaning towards Lissandra because she seems like she would be cosplayed the least and the most interesting.  Jinx is a little naked for me but I’m willing to think it through. I also think that Jinx could be…


Malzahar Cosplay

Hello Everyone XD. We’ve had these photos before but forgot to post them XD. Cutesauce helped with this League of legends, Malzahar cosplay for Anime North 2013! We had the pleasure of Trillance Photography to make this cosplay look even more stunning! Enjoy: