Riven Cosplay

Hi Everyone!

Anime North is coming up at the end of May!! I’m super excited.  Pre-orders are already almost sold out!!  A bunch of us are cosplaying as a group this year as League of Legends Champions.  This is my second time cosplaying, and my first time actually spending time to make a good cosplay.  I’ve decided to cosplay as Riven, the Exile.  I made this choice purely because of the fact that I think she looks cool…. Haha.  I’m more of a ranged AD carry type of player in game.

Here’s her splash page:

This is a sketch I drew out of what I need to make:

I’ve decided to start on the armor pieces first.  I made them both out of cardboard first.  I then applied a base layer of newspaper paper mache.  I then applied instant paper mache.

Next steps include sanding, and then painting.  Check back for more progress of my cosplay ❤

Also, if any of you are attending Anime North this year, be sure to come say hi to us!

Click here to see part 2:



14 thoughts on “Riven Cosplay

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  2. I saw your sword turturial. And I want to know where did you buy this green lights. I cant find anything similar.

  3. wow it looks really cool. I am going to Italy convention this year. and we are going to cosplay league of legends also. I shall need help. for Riven`s sword. Is there any chance for you to help me with it? 🙂

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