Past Cosplays!

Here are some cosplay pictures of Coco and I from the last 2 years of Anime North. We’ve been going to Anime North since 2006, but since then, our cosplays have improved a lot, and starting 2010 was when we could actually say we were proud of our cosplays.

For AN2010, we went as Lightning (Coco) and Serah (me)!

With the Sailor Scouts! And one pimpin’ guy!

Coco made both of our costumes as sewing isn’t really up my alley.. =(

A closer look at our costumes:

Not quite sure what we were trying to accomplish there.

And Anime North just isn’t complete without some late night gaming!

I think we were a little too excited over it haha. If you’re going to AN2012, be sure to look for us in one of the game rooms!

For AN2011, we decided to do something a little different. Coco and another friend created characters for the three of us, each with its own concept and style that suits our personalities.

Can you guess what they represent?

If you couldn’t guess them, it’s crazy, cute, and cool!

Coco made all three of our weapons, they look pretty amazing huh?

Coco’s gun also lights up!

That’s it for now! We will also update our cosplay statuses for this year’s Anime North for which I will be going as Katarina, so check back often to see our progress!


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