Shyvana Cosplay Part 2

Hello all!

Here are the arm pieces for my shyvana cosplay. I was not able to finish the right arm piece completely. It took me longer than I expected, so you’ll be seeing it partly finished. I will update my post when it is completely done, but for now only the left arm is complete. The right arm still needs some more mache and  sanding. I thought the head piece would be harder than the arm pieces but I guess I was wrong -_-.

Hope you enjoy!

Forming shape out of foam board:

Using spray foam:

Carving the foam to desired shape:

Using paper mache to cover the holes, and then using fast mache for finish:

Right arm with fast mache:

Left arm sanded:

side view/Left arm sanded/right arm unfinished:

Top view:

“Come get a glimpse into the belly of the beast!”

Let me know if you anything looks weird, or if I should change anything! I noticed I may have made the pieces too big? or the top pieces don’t look high enough? I probably won’t change it though, as I’ve already covered it and almost finished it. I do know that there is a diamond shape missing on the nose of the head. It will be added!

Next I will make the top armor piece with shoulder armor!

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Check Final Result

Stay tuned!


27 thoughts on “Shyvana Cosplay Part 2

  1. Hey so I’m trying to make my own armor for the first time and I have no Idea where to even start. Can you please tell me what to start of with? I read the tutorials but I’m still kinda stuck. Just get back whenever you feel like it lol. By the way, it’s an DC Ares cosplay that I’m trying to do.

    • hmm, well I always start with the base of the armor and then you build on top of it. the biggest shape is what you should shape in foam board. and then you can build the 3d shape from there.

  2. Hey there, just have a quick question. I am going to anime north this year and am following how you did your shyvana cosplay, but im not sure how i can hold onto the arm pieces… how did you? did you use velcro? (im hesitant using it because it is rather heavy now) it looks awesome regardless!
    – Lana

    • I made handles inside that attached to the inside of the structure. I paper mached and fast mached so that it would hold the weight. I can’t wait to see you at AN! I am going to be Diana =).

      • Thank you! I saw n.n youre dressing up as diana..ill look out for you at AN :). Did you know about the photoshoot?

  3. I was wondering how do you sand out the paper that was for the right and left armor?! It’s kinda conffusing ごめん! Also I wanted to know where or how can I make or get fast mâché and paper mâché? I’m new in the states and it’s DIFFICULT

  4. hello there, i just wonder, what measurements on the dragon head? height, width and so on? :O and how did u figure it out? :O

    • I should have shown how I did the head in more detail, but it would have taken one whole post. Basically I measured around my head which is about 21 inches and I add one inch for room. so I make a band out of foam board at 22 inches and make a circle. Then I rest the circle on my head where I want it to sit and do a strip of foam board across the head. I do that again so its like a cross. then after that I just try to add more foam board strips that connect to the center of the head. I paper mache and then add the shapes with bristol board or foam board. Basically from there you can check out this post:

      My horns are 16″ from tip to tip of the horns. My length starting from the very front to the very end is 50″. I guess everything and used proportions the best of my ability.

      Honestly I figured out on part at a time, but kept in mind what I needed to do next. I never measured to be honest with you. I always made the shape I thought it was, and then added or trimmed if i found it too long or not proportioned….

      Hope that helps… If you want more detail I could make a post about the part you would like. Let me know =)

  5. hello!
    so I’m gonna try and do a shyvana costume myself, and this really helps a lot!
    i just wonder, what is it that you have added on top of the mache on the head of the dragon? is it some sort of plaster or something like that?

    I really love your work, I think its pretty damn awesome! 😀

  6. Hi Coco! Your work is just stunning! I’m making a shyvana costume myself following your tutorial, hope it ends up nearly as good ^_^.

    I was wondering if you could give me some info/advice on that fast mache. It looks pretty handy but I’m from Greece and they don’t sell it in stores here :-/ (I only use the old fashion papier mache + primer but leaves marks on the process..)
    Also is there a specific thickness on the foam board or you reckon that anything will do?

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work! x

    • Oh thanks! and nice! do you have a site for your cosplays? I would love to see your results!

      Have you tried ordering from somewhere that will ship it? otherwise, I heard you can make your own type of fast mache, but it seems expensive and feels almost wasteful. You can find the tutorial here: Let me know if its helpful, I have not tried it. Seems like it could be an option for you, since fast mache is not provided in your country. If its just to cover the marks then maybe you could get away just using something like polyfilla that closes up cracks in walls to smooth it out. You should be able to find a substitute for it. This avoids left behind tape/paper marks you get from regular mache. IMO Its a long process but worth it, to avoid those marks.

      For foam board I used the standard thickness which is .5cm. I got it from the dollar store so its really bad quality but it honestly works fine for me. You just need something to hold/make your initial shape with. Some parts I even used bristol board, cutesauce used cardboard for her shoulders, it all depends how much support you need.

      Hope it works out! I’d love to see it. These steps are getting the results I want, but my paint job isn’t going very well. Hopefully you have better painting skills than me!

      • Yeah read that tutorial but I believe it’s not a very healthy option, warm glue fumes etc better not.
        Tried looking online today but eventually had an argument with the people paying for our costumes. They don’t want to pay for online orders cause of the receipt for the irs or something so I’m screwed hehe
        Gonna try the polyfilla though! Seems like a very good and hopefully lightweight idea since I don’t intend using much!

        Unfortunately I don’t use progress pictures anymore cause the greek cosplay community is small and idiotic. People tend to become annoying and selfish when you try to show/help them with all your heart.. Only have the ones already worn on facebook.

        For the paint job here is how I do it: Before doing anything use a coat of spray primer and a coat of flat black spray.
        The final color (eg the red and gold you want to use) are brush-on acrylics. Black base helps you identify which spots need more work. But even if you miss a spot it will blend in giving it a wornout-in-battle look. If you’ve tried this already sorry for the blabber ^_^

        I’ll definitely upload pictures when I’m done. It will be my pride costume, taking it to an official riot event late June. Can’t wait to see yours finished it’s already epic as it is!

  7. That’s really wicked 🙂 I just found this site, and I really like all of the cosplay designs ^_^ As a fellow gamer girl into beauty, keep up the awesome work!

  8. That’s wicked 🙂 I love seeing the designs from all of your cosplays ^_^ From a fellow gamer girl into fashion, keep up the great work!

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