Lineage 2

I havent played the first Lineage and I started out L2 really late… (this year) lol

It’s free now at NCSoft, but my friend and I downloaded a private server so we can level up faster.

One of his account was still active so he was still carrying awesome armours/weapons/money, etc.

So, my character is “Soju” and “Chisaii, GreyGoose” is my friend’s… If you make the game in windows mode, you can have more than one open. So, you can play two characters at the same time. GreyGoose is our healer, and Chisaii was tank… So, I can level up faster.

This pic is awesome cuz i can see the sunlight. pretty realistic eh?


And, for this pic.. You have to feed the monters to make them bigger, so when u kill the big ones u get higher XP.

Sometimes, while feeding, they become ur pet. AND!!! my friend kills my pets, so I was sad… T_T


I dont play anymore cuz my friend is in different time zone now (Japan), so no more of nerding out together.


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