Sushi Kaji

I went to Sushi Kaji (located in Toronto) last Sunday for my boyfriend’s birthday. The place had really good reviews online so we wanted to give it a try, and it really lives up to its reviews! If you love sushi and Japanese food, Sushi Kaji is definitely worth a try =)

Enjoy the following food pictures, it made me hungry as I wrote this post >_<.

The food menu at Sushi Kaji only has 2 items, the Takumi course or the Waza course, both omakase.

Menu at Sushi Kaji

We decided to get one of each so that we could try everything.

The restaurant has normal table seating and sushi bar seating, we chose the sushi bar so that we can see the chefs at work.

The appetizers were presented really nicely and also super tasty~

Egg tofu, kuzu cake stuffed with tomato, fried scallop with Japanese pepper, and fried fishcake and wakame salad with bamboo shoot

After the appetizers, we were served with sashimi, it was definitely some of the freshest sashimi I’ve had outside of Japan.

Sashimi with fuzu sauce, tuna sashimi with egg (can't remember exact name)

The tuna dish looked so pretty I almost didn’t want to mix it because it ended up looking like this =S

Doesn’t looks as pretty, but very tasty nevertheless!

Sashimi plate: atlantic trout, snapper, lobster, ocean mackerel, and sesame sauce for daikon and wakame

Next were the cooked dishes!

Wintermelon stuffed with shrimp cake, conch with vinegar vegetables and mango, buttersquash stuffed with chicken with edible cherry blossom

You know this place is authentic when they stuff vegetables with everything else!

European sea bass with root vegetable sauce, grilled mutsu fish with mini octopus

We were served with sushi next, all of which were fresh and full of flavour.

Bbq sea eel, snowcrab, tuna, lobster, toro, ocean trout with salmon roe, snowcrab leg, octopus

We finished off our meal with some udon and dessert.

Udon, seared ahi tuna with ginger sauce

Fruits with Japanese jelly, peach sorbet

I would definitely recommend this restaurant for any special occasions or if you’re trying to impress someone ;). At the price of $100 or $120 per person, it’s quite pricey, but definitely worth the price if you love Japanese food~

Just make sure to call in advance to make reservations! For such a small restaurant located in the middle of nowhere, it does get pretty busy.

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