Katarina Cosplay Part 1

Edit: check out part 2part 3, and the final costume!

I will be cosplaying as Katarina in her original skin from League of Legends for Anime North 2012!

So far, I’ve worked on my swords:

Using foam board to form the base:

Then foamed for dimension:

After shaping them and her other swords:

First layer of instant paper mache:

Next step is to sand and paint! Hope they turn out nice >_<

I also got my wig, it was a lot brighter than I expected, but it should still work =)

I will probably trim the wig a bit, it’s already getting super tangled at the bottom.

That’s it for now! I bought the clothes for her outfit, but still need to do some adjustments, will update in the next cosplay post!


29 thoughts on “Katarina Cosplay Part 1

  1. If possibly you paint your head’s hair, you may obtain a cost-effective hair painting for any couple
    of bucks, its surely not high-priced in any way, then you may
    really start off searching great! . In case
    you usually have this your hair color then thats an edge as well as a situation a smaller
    amount to concern yourself with. After you may drive to obtain the important naruto outfit, resulting
    from any additional curly hair which it truly is bought all around the
    the neck and throat, you may get something variety a sister or maybe a cosing or most likely some lover it
    becomes clear that appears to be to get got a new sweater or some matter the same
    as what offers the distinct curly hair fine detail, then the only
    situation left over may very well be to put a number of orange apparel place on more than that to be assured the hairs go
    above the primary in this orange t shirts or clothes generating it seem and intensely feel
    as if this have been a particular.

  2. hey. awesome work! Where did you find the jacket or how did you make it? i’m so worried about this part of the cosplay

  3. Wait so you made 2 foam board cuttings of the sword then you taped them one in each side to the foam sword or the plastic tube that is inside the sword ? Idk if that makes sense . Or did you just rip all of the foam and the plastic tube thing inside out and just stuffed the foam board in there ?

    • I took off all the foam from the plastic tube then I taped 1 foam board cutting to the plastic tube. I then sprayed foam spray on to the foam board to hide the plastic tube and to make it 3-D. I hope that explains what I did, if not feel free to leave more questions =).

  4. I was wondering how did you tape the foam board onto those swords ? I bought the same swords and I’m having trouble taping them on .

    • Coco made a post about the materials we used, you can read about them here: https://glamorousgamergirls.wordpress.com/2012/04/13/materials-for-cosplay-armor-and-props/

      But basically, I bought foam swords from the dollar store, ripped off the foam, and taped a foam board cut out of the sword’s shape to it to make the base of my sword. Then I used spray foam (gap fillers that you can find at home hardware stores) to give it 3D shape and carved it into my desired shape with an exacto knife. Then i used instant paper mache to create the hard surface.

      Coco’s post has pictures of all the materials I just listed =)

      • Did you find the spray foam was strong enough? I’ve heard a lot of people say that it doesn’t last well

  5. Not to be rude, since the effort you’re putting into this is impressive, but Katarina has the scar on her left eye, not the right.

  6. Hello,

    I just happen to find a link to your blog from the LoL forums and I am glad I did. Alot of interesting cosplay you guys have. Specially how you made the knives for Kat. I await to see it all put together. ^_^

    Keep up the good work… truly amazed at how you guys make these yourselves.

  7. First off, props to you guys for starting the blog! It’s always fun to find more girls that are into both gaming and looking cute lol. Good luck with the cosplay, it’s looking good so far! I’m curious to see how the swords will turn out.

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