Annie Cosplay

“Have you seen my bear Tibbers?”

Hi everyone!
I’m back home for the weekend, so I was able to take some pictures for you!  This is my sister’s Annie cosplay for Anime North.  It is not completely done yet.  Embroidery on dress, back pack, stockings, wig styling and dying, and head band are still yet to be finished.

The wig has arrived, but it is the completely wrong color from the photo! I am really disappointed. I guess we are going to have to dye it the right color.  I don’t have a picture of it at this moment, but we’ll post a tutorial on that  later.

This is the dress so far.  I think we will be making a crinoline to make it a bit more poufy.  It is also a bit short on me, since I am taller than my sister.




Here’s Tibbers! Scary right? Hehe



These will be the bear heads on her back pack.  We will cutting there heads off (poor bears 😦 ), and fabric painting them pink.


Also here is a photo of the backpack pattern and fabric.


Stay tuned for more progress updates!


7 thoughts on “Annie Cosplay

  1. Where did you get that dress? Because I’ve been wanting to cosplay as Annie for a while. And I can’t find one like that.

  2. I found this through an (old) link on reddit. I know this post is from ages ago, but it looks fantastic! I think the pleats really work well with the oringial artwork. I’m really interested to know if (and what) pattern you used to make the dress.
    The details are amazing, especially the embroidery. Would love to see another update of the finished product, too!

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