Cute Pastel and Rhinestone Bow Nails Tutorial

Hello everyone!

Spring is finally here and I did these cute nails to welcome the warm weather and bring a pop of colour to my day!

This nail design was inspired by a something I saw in Nail Up! magazine, which is a really good magazine if you’re looking for cute designs, but the magazine is in Japanese =P.

These are all the tools you will need to create this simple design:

In order from right to left, top to bottom: pastel coloured polish (I used a Tiffany blue colour, but any pastel colour would look cute), top coat, base coat (I used a nail treatment and hardener in one because I have brittle nails), white polish, nail glue (for sticking on rhinestones), cuticle stick, clear rhinestones, nail file, paint brush.

The cuticle stick and paint brush are only used in place of dotting tools because I don’t own those, so if you have dotting tools, then you won’t need those 2 items =)

Now on to the tutorial!

  1. File your nails so that they are rounded at the top. I find this design looks better with rounded nails than square nails.
  2. Paint your nails with the base coat and then with the colour polish of your choice
  3. Take the white polish and drip some on a piece of paper. Take the cuticle stick and create 5 small dots down the centre of your thumb. Then create 4 small dots down both sides of the first 5 dots you created, lining them up between the spaces of the 5 dots. Lastly, draw 3 dots on the side of your thumbnail, again lining them up between the spaces of the 4 dots.
  4. Dab some nail glue on the centre of your thumbnail where the rhinestones will be glued on and create a bow with the rhinestones by creating 2 triangles that have a base of 4 rhinestones and join them by the tip. If you don’t have nail glue, clear polish can be used to stick the rhinestones on as well, however, I personally find that the rhinestones fall off too easily without glue.
  5. For the rest of your fingers, create a large dot using the back end of the paint brush in the centre bottom of your nails, except for the middle finger, where you will create 4 large dots going down the centre of your middle finger. Then create 3 large dots beside the 4 dots on both sides, lining them up with the spaces between the 4 dots. Finally, use the cuticle stick again and create a small dot on top of the large dot on your index, ring, and pinky fingers.
  6. Seal everything with a top coat and enjoy your cute nails for Spring!

Remember to reapply your top coat every 1 to 2 days to keep your nail designs from chipping!


8 thoughts on “Cute Pastel and Rhinestone Bow Nails Tutorial

  1. Wow so cute. I love designs like this but my cockatiel doesn’t. He tries to bite my finger whenever I wear polish xD

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