Love Mickey & Minnie Forever

So I’ve had this obsession with Mickey and Minnie Mouse since like… forever. At one point, I even wanted to have my bed spread as them LOL. But that would look kinda weird walking into a grown woman’s room and seeing this theme. I recently went shopping in the states and since I love Forever21, I must have stayed in there for at least 2 hours. On this mannequin, there was this polka dot dress that really caught my attention. I had to try it on. And what did you know, it was perfect! It looked so cute on and so I purchased it. I call it my Minnie Mouse dress. You will see that it does resemblance her 😛 Although it’s not in red, this colour isn’t that bad. I just wore it last weekend for the first time to my baby niece’s birthday. I wore a white headband to match with the dress as well. Don’t I look so innocent? 😛 


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