Yoshi and more to see.

Hello GGG followers,

It’s smajoyful here! Btw, I prefer smajoyful instead of smajoyfull. I unfortunately, cannot use that name anymore 😦

Firstly, I want to thank the glamorous girls for letting me be a part of their blog! I feel that this will be a great opportunity to display my pride in my artwork or whatever art I find appealing.

Secondly, forgive me for my delay. I’m just getting used to this new blogger.

I honestly, do anything that has to deal with art. My newest hobby is nail designs! Find me posting cake decorations, nail designs, sketches, paintings, craft works and more!

Lastly, I indulge in a great melody. Find out – at the end of each entry – what I am listening to. Feel free to download the same song or suggest songs you want me to hear.

My Yoshi cake. This Yoshi cake is one of my first cake decorations. I had made this cake in 2010 for a friend’s birthday. You will find that the progressions of my cake decorations will become much finer. I haven’t learned to bake my cakes from scratch yet but I’ll be sure to post my pastries and the recipe that comes along with it.

I try as best as possible to make my cakes completely edible. Yoshi was made completely out of rice krispies and fondant minus the toothpicks I used to hold the pieces together.


I had to shape the rice krispies to form the base of Yoshi’s body. I had to shape about six different sections to form Yoshi.

I originally, bought green fondant for Yoshi but you can easily roll and knead green food colouring into the fondant. I placed the fondant onto Yoshi. If you want to make the fondant look smooth, make the fondant about a quarter inch thick. You may need to use royal icing to use as glue. I never knew that you could knead food colouring into fondant when I had made him so, I had painted the shoes, the shell, the eyes, and the nose slits. If you happen to paint the food colouring on, be warned: you will find some bleeding!

Tip: Do NOT wet your fondant. You will find that it will begin to melt. I had to learn that the hard way!


I had baked a cake for the cloud he sits on, using white and blue icing to design the sky.

And there’s my Yoshi cake! Thank you girls again and I hope you all enjoyed my post!

Listening to: You’ve Got It Made – We Are The In Crowd


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