My Old Minecraft House

Hey guys,

I wanted to just show you my old Minecraft house.  It is pretty ugly, so don’t judge! Hehe.  I was invited to a server where Coco Rocha was playing, and we decided to build our house on the island across from hers.  I was a bit lost when I first started playing, and almost got killed by creepers many times.  For the first few nights I had to take refuge at Coco’s house because I didn’t have any supplies to build my own.  I started by pretty much building a rectangle hut into the side of a hill.  Then I just randomly extended it out and upwards.  I had no planning whatsoever so that is why it looks so ugly.  All pictures were taken while using the Girl Craft texture pack.  I don’t use this anymore though.  I’m currently using the Dokucraft texture pack and I love it!

My old house front view

I tried to make a house in the sky above my house.  I didn’t realize you can’t build above a certain altitude.  I guess I know now… lol.

House in the sky

While mining in my backyard I found this strange box.  I didn’t know what it was at first and was going to destroy it.  But good thing I didn’t because it was a monster spawner!  It spawned the skeletons that shoot arrows at you.  We later build a water trap around it, so they would drown and we could get free arrows and bones from them.

Monster spawner

The server got wiped, so I lost everything.  But I am hopefully planning to start a new server for just us GGG girls when I have time.  Stay tuned for posts on our new server ❤


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