Here is your cake, it isn’t fake! The love is from me for your sixtieth birthday party!

Good morning GGG followers,

Another cake design for you folks! I’ve never had any formal training/experience in cake decorating and keep in mind, I’m not updating my cake designs in order. This was my fourth cake design made with fondant.

My mother asked me to bake her a cake for her sixtieth birthday since she knew of my new fascination with cake decorating in 2010. I decided to go for a traditional flower cake since my mother is old fashioned and likes flower patterns.

I baked a vanilla based cake, making it two layers. I kneaded red food colouring into white fondant making a pink colour. I rolled the fondant out to half an inch thick and placed the fondant onto the cake. Using a ruler and a pattern tool, I lined the fondant into a diamond pattern.

Tulips. I rolled out a thin sheet of white fondant and curled each sheet into a cone, making 18 tulips. I softly curled the tip to add a life-like feel to each tulip. I dry brushed yellow food colouring in the middle. Before allowing the fondant to completely dry, I inserted two flower beads per tulip. I then kneaded a small amount of green into white fondant to create a light green colour for the tulip stem. I wrapped each tulip into its own stem and then used royal icing to glue the tulips in a set of three for mini bouquets.

I added a thin blue strip of fondant around the bouquets as a ribbon, using royal icing as glue. After allowing each bouquet to dry, I glued (royal icing) each bouquet on and around the cake. I also glued silver dragees (silver edible balls) on the points of each diamond. The bottom of the cake was not clean looking because of the fondant so, I wrapped a gold ribbon along the bottom to cover the imperfections. Finally, I used white icing to write “Happy 60th Birthday Mom” Yeah, the capital M is ugly lol.

Well, there you have it! My flower patterned cake for my mom. My nieces and nephews seemed to enjoy it very much, pretty much stealing all the silver dragees! LOL

Well, that’s all folks!

Listening to: When I Get Home, You’re So Dead – Mayday Parade


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