League of Legends: A Support Tribute

Hello all!

For Programs used to create LoL replays to YouTube, scroll down.

I created a Support Tribute! I use to main support but recently changed roles in order the advance in ELO more effectively. I am only at ELO 1388 at the moment.Its 75% of ranked games in 1350 ELO. It’s my first video so its not very creative yet, just to get the hang of the programs. Ninja Bunni3s and Cute Sauce are also in the video!

It took me a whole week to figure out the process of making a video of League of Legend gameplay. After this I definitely gave me more appreciation for League of Legends YouTube creators. After searching many different forums and asking advice from friends I figured out a system that works for me!

Here is what I used to create my videos:

1. LoL Recorder

LoL Recorder is what I used store my games. It allows you to save every game as small files. Since it’s not actually a video file, it needs to be recorded on top of it. I didn’t know this before but you have to play the file and use a program to record the file.

2. Fraps

Fraps is just a recording system that works well with LoL Recorder. I saw another program around forums with the same idea, but I can’t recall it. My friend recommended Fraps, so I used it, and had no problems using it. The files do come out pretty large, just make sure your settings are to record half size. unfortunately the file is still not ready to edit. After Fraps it becomes a AVI Movie file, which is not accepted by most editing programs. Therefore you need a converter.

3. Xilisoft Video Converter

I tried many encoders that required cash, in order to get a full program. I took me many free trials and downloads to realize not many free encoders are well made. I ended up getting a paid version of Xilisoft, thanks to a friend! DO NOT TRY free versions of Bigasoft or Virtual Dub because ether or cuts your videos in half or gets too blurry unless you pay for the rest of the program. I have successfully used Any Video Converter for Mac. It works well but apparently it only converts them up to 9 Seconds, I never did run into any problems using it. I just ended up getting Xilisoft because it was a full version and It works amazingly! You just list all the files you want to convert and you let the program get to work. It doesn’t take very long and there are many different conversion options. If you do want to spend the money I recommend this program, otherwise try using Any Video Converter.

4. Premiere Pro

I used Premiere Pro, but I had a hard time using it. It was the first time using it and I had no idea where tools where and how to use them. Luckily I know someone who know the program and helped me through it a bit. I’m not really sure what good free editing programs there are. I’d imagine iMovie works fine.

Anyways hope that helps people looking for some resources for their movie projects! Hopefully you won’t spend more time looking for programs than actually working on the video, Like me…

Anyways got my fabric for Shyvana shorts!

Stay tuned!


8 thoughts on “League of Legends: A Support Tribute

      • Yup… all you really need to do is add in some special effects and etc… specially a good title screen in the beginning gives a good opener to those who will watch it. That’s pretty much how the layout of the vids are released.

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