April 23rd: Outfit of the Day

I love high-waisted skirts/shorts. They can really make your legs look longer XD.

The shorts (yes, they’re shorts, but they look like a skirt which is why I love them) were from Japan. I bought them with my necklace and jacket in the photo in Harajuku last summer. I don’t remember the name of the store the shorts and the necklace were from, but the jacket was from Liz Lisa. I absolutely love that store, so many cute clothes, I wanted to buy them all >_<. The lace shirt was from Forever 21.

Here’s a picture of the makeup I did with this outfit.

I wanted a natural flirty look, so I went easy on the eyeshadows (which is actually not even noticeable in this picture), and focused on the lashes more. I wore demi lashes on the top and single bottom lashes on outer half of my bottom lash line. I will post more about lashes later, I love false lashes and buy more than I could ever wear XD.

And the green contacts I’m wearing in the above picture are the same ones I will be wearing for my Katarina cosplay. I worked more on my costume but not enough to make a post about it yet, will update next week!


3 thoughts on “April 23rd: Outfit of the Day

  1. Learning something every day… I didn’t know that there are false eyelashes…

    Do you have a before and after picture of your eyes before you put them on? I’m kinda interested to see how much they change the way you look when using them.

    • I don’t have a before picture this time, but that’s a really good idea! I will include the before pictures when I have my false lashes post =)

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