Hair with a flare!

Hey there GGG fans,

Listening to: Besitos – Pierce The Veil

Thursday was an interesting day for me! I got the ends of my hair coloured purple. *sigh* I’ve been obsessed with the colour purple since last year. My favourite colour is red but it’s safe to say that purple is just short of number one.

I had it done professionally since I don’t like to go half-ass on my rocker-type features.

If you’re planning on stripping and dying your hair expect a minimum of three hours. This was my first! I intended to do some of this in highschool but unfortunately, I didn’t have the money. My boyfriend wanted to treat me but he had already paid for my piercings that I had gotten earlier this month, which I will discuss later in this post.

After three long and very patient hours, I had come out with violet hair!


Yes, sorry. It looks blue in the first picture lol.

My experience at The Village Salon which won an award for Ontario’s number one hair dressers, was quite a nice experience. Everyone there was friendly and they provided great customer service!

To help prevent fading, I’m using L’Oreal Shine Blonde shampoo which is blue shampoo that helps reduce discolouration. Once it starts fading, I will try Manic Panic to maintain it but there have been mixed reviews. On another blog, I had read that a girl had great experience with XXL Cyber Purple 46 so, I’ll be looking out for it and let you know of my experience. If you know of any good colour hair-dyes, please let me know!


If you’re one for piercings, I got my conch and my tragus done April 1st. Sounds kinda raunchy but it’s really not lol.

The tragus is basically the stud that I have just outside of the ear and the conch is the ring. I went to a tattoo parlor in downtown Toronto known as Adrenaline. I would definitely recommend! They were quite sanitary and were really nice there. They even post their sanitation tests on their website.

If you’re planning to get any of these piercings expect about a 2-6 month healing period. I’m hoping to change my piercings to Nightmare Before Christmas studs πŸ˜€

Btw – GGG, do you know of any good sites where you can get coloured contacts?

I bid you adieu.

6 thoughts on “Hair with a flare!

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  2. I dip dyed my ends pink and I loved it!! But had to get rid of it because I start work soon. 😦

    I also have my tragus pierced too πŸ™‚

    • Oh that’s chill. So you did it yourself? Wow! What did you use?

      Yeah, I’m hoping to get two on my right ear πŸ™‚

      • yeah I ombred my hair myself. Then I used temporary dye to get it pink. It faded really fast though

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