Beauty Addiction: False Lashes

I love false lashes and own way too many pairs.

That’s only about half of what I own XD. Most of my false lashes are more on the natural side since I don’t like overly dramatic lashes, and I find if I wanted a darker look, I can always combine them to create different effects.

My favorite lashes are Dolly Wink lashes.

These lashes are super soft and can be easily formed to the shape of your eyes. The lashes are also high quality and can be reused many times if cleaned properly. I would compare the quality of these lashes to MAC lashes, but they’re about half the price! I order them from Sasa, where they’re sold at $13.50 for 2 pairs.  Dolly Wink bottom lashes are also the best bottom lashes I’ve ever used. They’re so soft you don’t even feel them there! And if you’re looking for natural looking bottom lashes, “Real Nude” is the perfect lash, 99% of the time no one can tell I’m wearing false lashes.

These are the lashes I used last week in my outfit of the day post. Since I was going out during the day, I didn’t want over-exaggerated lashes.

The top lashes are from Shu Uemura and I love the length of those lashes, they blend in perfectly with my natural lashes. The bottom lashes are “Baby Cute” from Dolly Wink, I used 4 pieces on the outer edge of my bottom lashline.

As requested from a reader, here are before and after pictures of me with false lashes.

1) No eye makeup 2) Eye makeup 3) False lashes 4) Circle lenses

I tried to take pictures from the same angle so it’s easier to compare haha. As you can see, the lashes provide just the right amount of volume and darkness I need to make my eyes look wider without looking blatantly fake!


11 thoughts on “Beauty Addiction: False Lashes

  1. I’ve bought Dolly Sweet #1 but haven’t tried the other Dolly Wink lashes. Definitely liked your review of Real Nude and will buy them if I see them on sale at Marukai. I’m really bad at applying bottom lashes. Usually I do a poor job so pieces fall off or feel uncomfortable. I LOVE how natural your eyes look, though! It makes me want to experiment some more.

    • Yup, if you get the chance, give Real Nude a try! I’ve owned other bottom lashes that didn’t feel comfortable as the bone was too hard

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