Easter is done but these nails are fun!

Afternoon GGG mates,

Listening to: Remembering Sunday – All Time Low

Though Easter was a month ago I thought I’d share my Easter nail design.

There’s not much tutorial for this one.

For the egg patterns, I cheated a bit using Sally Hansen nail polish pens. In reading the instructions, you can easily wash off the pen design if you make a mistake using luke warm water. When satisfied, simply brush two layers of clear top coats to ensure your pattern doesn’t run. I might caution that the top coat you use should have a more thicker feel to it. What I mean is, I had recently bought Revlon‘s extra life no chip top coat and had used it to finalize the egg patterns. I found that the pen designs began to run because of the density of the liquid. It seemed almost water based. I had to redesign the nails and had opt in using L’Oreal‘s top coat instead which had more thickness to the liquid.

For the bunny and carrot, I used regular orange, white, green, and pink nail polish to paint with aside from the black lines.  Once completed never forget your top coat!

That’s all for this post ladies and gents.

At first you don’t succeed. Try and try again!


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