Tasty Kitchen Restaurant Mississauga

Hi everyone!

I’ve found a new restaurant that I absolutely love.  It is called Tasty Kitchen and is located in Mississauga.  It is in the large food plaza near Burnhamthorpe and Creditview.  It serves Chinese food, drinks and snack foods.  They have a late night snack menu that starts at 9pm.  What I love most is that they have many combo meals that come with soup and free coffee/tea.  I love getting their HK milk tea!!

Here are some pictures of some meals I’ve tried so far.  Enjoy!


Seafood in cream sauce with spaghetti


Vegetable soup


Hot horlick drink


Shrimp and chicken in cream sauce on spaghetti


Baked Portuguese chicken with egg


Salmon in corn cream sauce


Fried chicken leg with black pepper sauce


Cold milk tea and red bean drinks


4 thoughts on “Tasty Kitchen Restaurant Mississauga

  1. The dishes look like a variation of a Hong Kong style cafe. I like how they presented the seafood on the side of the noodles. Typical Chinese places don’t really do that.

  2. I drink milk tea or almond tea boba almost every day. That red bean looks good though. I wonder if it is sweet like anko in daifuku?

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