Katarina Cosplay Part 3

If you haven’t seen the previous parts, check out my part 1 and part 2!

I finally sanded down all of my swords and daggers, but the fast mache is really hard to sand, which is why it took me so long to update >_<. The fast mache was really good for providing a hard base for all my weapons, but I will have to go over everything with plaster to smooth them all out before the paint job.

The sand paper also took some parts of the mache off the foam, I will also use plaster to cover those up.

I also finished the spikes for my arms and legs!

I hot glued the spikes onto a soft spongy sheet (not sure what it is exactly) that I bought from Dollarama and used velcro to close the ends so that its easy to put of/take off.

This is what they look like after I spray painted them:

I don’t have a picture of them on because they weren’t 100% dry yet.

I also finished my thigh belt pieces. I plan to finish my whole cosplay by next weekend, so check back for the final result! Only 2 weeks left until Anime North, I’m so excited to see everyone’s completed costumes!


4 thoughts on “Katarina Cosplay Part 3

  1. Looks really good! Reminds me of Bowser’s spikes!!

    So exciting! Anime North is almost here!! Can’t wait to see the final product.

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