Nocturne Cosplay

Hello Everyone!

Yes! It is true, we will be having a League of Legends Nocturne cosplay along with Shyvana, Riven, Annie, Katarina, and Akali! I convinced my friend to cosplay Nocturne instead of Fiddlesticks. In my opinion Nocturne is more feasible than Fiddlesticks, even though both are physically impossible to have a perfect cosplay.  I thought Nocturne would be more unique, so hopefully it turns out. I only agreed to help him in building it if I could post it on GGG, so here it is!

Click here for Nocturne Final Cosplay result!

Here is the splash page:

Here is the main structure of the knives and shoulders. Obviously things are not perfect because the human body isn’t exactly like Nocturnes. At first I thought the upper body would be fine, but then I realized Nocturne’s head is a lot lower than a humans. He’s kind of a hunchback, so we had to make adjustments:

Here are the cuffs. The “T” shape you see is a support system so that it doesn’t turn on the wrists. We will most likely cover it with the fabric made claw. The hand will be inside the fake hand which will hold the knives up. The three knife layers are separated by two small stacks of foam board.

Here is the structure being spray foamed. We will cut the shape, paper mache and then Fast Mache it.

That is all we have! Believe it or not, we will try to finish this for Anime North (2 weeks)! We will probably make the body out of fabric, maybe chiffon of the bottom to make it flow. It will be hard to pull off, but we can only try. It might not be as the same quality as the others but we’ll see!

May 22nd Upate (Added photo):

Nocturne Final Cosplay result!

Shyvana Cosplay Update:

Sorry I wasn’t able to update my Shyvana Cosplay, I had to apply another layer of Fast Mache to all my pieces. I was also helping with the Nocturne cosplay. I bought the paints and did a test run, It looks okay. I’m trying to improve the look of the armor, hopefully it will be better than okay.

Please click here for Shyvana Final Update

Stay Tuned =).


8 thoughts on “Nocturne Cosplay

  1. I was wondering how did you foam spray it ? Like did you spray one side, let it dry then sprayed the other side ? Also, how long did it take for it to dry ? Thank you so much for this tutorial btw ! 🙂

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