Wasaga Beach

My first summer vacation was last weekend [May 11-13th] at Wasaga Beach, ON.

It rained on Saturday, the only times we went to the beach too (twice). But, the other days were nice.

We rented a cottage between 9 people (5 guys, 4 girls). Accommodation + transportation (gas money) + food + drinks (including alcohol) = $170 per person CDN.

We had too much leftover food, such as rice, ramen, potatoes, pop… Some people took them home.

The cottage had a bbq grill and a firepit.

We decided to make fire outside, and we got lazy so we started bbqing at the firepit.

Our first attempt was:

Then, we ran out of aluminum foil and it started to rip even though it was triple-layered.

So, we came up with a brilliant idea of:


It tasted way much better. We nommed so much.

And, yes… it was korean bbq =] So, it was even more better x100

On a side note: Diablo 3 has finally released.


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