My Birthday Outfit 2012!

Hey guys! My birthday recently passed and for my birthday this year, I decided to spend the night out with friends.

The outfit I wore that night was a military green romper from BCBG. It was actually quite simple with no designs and a solid colour throughout. The back of the romper has an opening that gives a peek of your back. It is also very comfortable to wear. I didn’t want to have to worry about being uncomfortable on my birthday! Although simple…sometimes I actually like getting my outfits plain, so that I could spice it up by accessorizing it after. 🙂

Along with the romper, I decided to wear this black belt from Costa Blanca. The front of the belt had some sort of design at the front and the back is a button up.

For my accessories and shoes, I decided to go with a gold theme. Therefore, I wore these gold, sparkly T-strap heels from Aldo. I originally got these shoes for prom, but I wear it all the time now. These shoes are quite comfortable to wear and comes in handy if you have to stand a lot throughout an event. I love these shoes because I can wear it with almost every outfit and it also helps to add flavour to simple outfits. Stay tuned for my next post to check out the jewelry I used for my birthday!

BCBG Military Green Romper: Originally $120, bought for $85

Black Costa Blanca Belt: $15

Gold, T-strap Aldo heels: $70 – $80


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