Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream Review

Edit: To see me wearing this BB cream in a full makeup look, click here!

Hi guys! I recently purchased the Missa Signature Real BB Cream from Sasa. For those who haven’t used BB creams before, they’re basically tinted moisturizers with higher coverage and SPF, as well as anti-aging and brightening effects. I can’t speak much for the anti-aging effects since I don’t have wrinkles yet, but BB creams do brighten, only while you’re wearing it though. Missha also has a US webstore, but the prices are higher than in Sasa or Asia

I purchased this because Sasa stopped selling the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, which I’ve been using for about 3 years. This was about $7 more expensive than the Perfect Cover BB cream. I’ve tried other BB creams from Skin Foods, Skin 79, and Sana, but the colours were always too light for me since I’m more tanned than a lot of Asians and beach volleyball every week doesn’t really help XD.

The red tube is the Perfect Cover and the other one is the Real Signature. I use shade 23 (Natural Beige). For reference, my shade for MUFE HD foundation is 250. The Real Signature bb cream is quite runny compared to the Perfect Cover, but because of that, it was easier to apply and blend, and it also meant less product was needed. I found the coverage to be pretty much the same between the two. The Real Signature bb cream does have a prettier packaging though, and the tube is encased in a hard plastic shell which makes it look higher class. However, this will mean it’s harder to get all of the product out at the end because you can’t squeeze the tube.

This is what the actual product looks like.

One pump is enough to cover my face and neck. It covers pretty much all of my red spots and lightens my freckles, but I still need a little bit of concealer after this for my under-eye circles. I tend to have an oily T-zone, and many people have complained about this product having bad oil control, but I’ve actually found the oil control to be pretty decent, better than most of the other BB creams I’ve tried.

The important thing is to know that you are not buying a fake product, I always order from Sasa because it’s a trustworthy source. I’ve ordered once from Ebay and although it was cheaper, I noticed right away that the oil control was horrible and when I compared the packaging to the one I ordered from Sasa, I realized that it was a fake product.

One more thing to note is that this BB cream does have a slight scent to it, so if you’re sensitive to that, you should probably stay away, but I actually like the smell haha.

Also I set the BB cream with a finishing powder because I want my makeup to last the entire day. I use the bareMinerals Mineral Veil to set.

Overall, I would give it a 4.5/5 and recommend the Real Signature BB cream, it is a good alternative if you can’t find the Perfect Cover BB cream, although it’s slightly more expensive. The only downside is that it has lower SPF (25 compared to 42 for Perfect Cover). It’s not a big deal if you’re not in the sun a lot, but this is what I use as sunscreen on my face when I’m at the beach.

And here is a bonus picture! My friend brought his dog to beach volleyball yesterday, isn’t he so cute?!


2 thoughts on “Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream Review

  1. Ooooh Missha. I’ve been ordering Skin79 from Pinky Paradise but I’ve heard better things about Missha on YouTube. Nice images of the product. Thanks for the in-depth review!

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