Shyvana and League at Anime North

Hello Everyone!

As you probably are aware, we have been pretty busy with Anime North and seeing some awesome cosplays! I will be honest that this is very awkward, and I feel so nerdy, but here is a video of me trying to reinact Shyvana in emotes:

In other news, we had a fun night on Saturday, here’s a photo showcasing our new business cards!

I was happy with my cosplay though there was a lot of things that could be improved. I will talk about it in another post ! For now enjoy these:

I was very surprised by all the League of Legend cosplays I saw. I honestly didn’t imagine such a great group! There were so many awesome champions, but with my costume my photos were pretty limited. I believe BossEmily will have photos of the whole group =). Mine aren’t very good so wait to see hers!

This Brand was so good! I’m so glad I ran into him =).

There is definitely more to come! Hope you enjoyed my cosplay!


11 thoughts on “Shyvana and League at Anime North

  1. I was looking around the net for some Shyvana cosplays (since, myself, is gonna attempt Ironscale Shyvana for next year summer con where I live) and I ended up on your blog.

    I must say, the result is stunning and I like that you made step by step pictures, it gave me some ideas as to how I could manage her armors ^^

    The only thing I’d point out if you plan on re-using this costume, is the face makeup. The body paint color is nice, but it make your face a little ‘transparent’ if you compare with the Shyvana splash art on the game: a nice red lipstick like she seem to wear would make your face pop more. Also, notice the faint purple eyeshadow, wich give her that fierce look.

    Anyways, awesome job on your costume! 😀

    • Thanks for the comment!

      I actually did try the red lipstick and it didn’t look that great =(. I saw that in her game model she does have red lipstick, but for some reason it didn’t work out for me. I do agree my make up skills lack, I’m sure anyone could have done it better than me in that department!

      Good luck to your ironscale cosplay! If you have any questions let me know =).

      • Aww, no worries. Like I said, you did an awesome job on your cosplay :3

        At the moment I’m planning the actual cosplay (finding lots of references, breaking up the desing into parts, making it work and what mats to use). Prolly not starting until december or something (cause I’m moving out), but I kept your blog in my faves for futur references and such.

        The biggest problem so far is, how will I make her hair tie ‘armor’ thing without creating too much weight (I’m afraid that the wig will fall off. My hair are dyed red but not long and thick enough for her hairstyle).

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