Graftobian Make-Up Review

Hello Everyone,

As you are aware I did a Shyavana Cosplay(click for more photos) from League of Legends for Anime North. I wanted to look like her in every way, so I needed to be a purple colour. Here are the pros and cons of my experience with Graftobian Make-Up Company. For locations in Canada Click here.

The Products I used and needed for full body make up:

  1. Blithe Spirit (88038 ) 3 containers of 1/2 oz
  2. Pro Setting (88611) powder translucent 5 oz (the next size available, it was way too much)
  3. Peach Puff (88438) 3 3/4 two sided puff.
  4. Setting spray (88698) 2 oz


  • Customer Service

I was really impressed with the customer service when I messaged my concerns. I was not able to order from the main site because the was some problems accepting my credit card. I messaged my concerns and the next business day they replied and on the same day I was able to place an order for the products. They gave me a one time favor and sent it directly from the distributer and it came within 2 days! I am completely satisfied with their customer service and felt like a valued customer. So far, for their customer service I recommend them.

  • Cost

In total it cost me $48.44, but with shipping $63.61. I think that is a very reasonable price for everything I got. Keep in mind that I also got too much setting powder.

  • A little goes a long way

I ordered 3 containers of the make up. I was told by  Makeup Disguises that “a little goes a long way”, but I was still worried i wouldn’t have enough and bought a container per day. I put a light layer for Friday and Sunday and a thick opaque layer for Saturday. I didn’t finish any of the conatiners. I almost finished one and had about half left in the other two (I had people helping me apply which is why all three were used without finishing them). Honestly I got way too much and one container is probably enough for a whole body application.

  • Colour

The colour it appeared to be online was exactly what I thought it was. The Blithe Spirit (88038 ) colour I saw online was exactly what I expected on my skin. Usually when you order online you expect to have some discrepancy, but there was not.

  • Easy to come off (Pro and Con)

When it came time to take off the body paint it was very easy to come off. I found the area’s with dry skin was the hardest to remove the paint. The face was especially easy when you use a basic make up remover cloth. This also means that it came off when I didn’t want it to as well (see cons)

  • Unnoticeable feeling

As I was walking around outside and inside the event, at no time did I notice I had body paint on. It was really light on the skin and I didn’t react to it even though I tend to have sensitive skin. It was even lighter than some foundations I use on a regular basis.

  • Photogenic

I found all of my picture turned out very nice with the makeup. Though it was uneven up close  in person, photos tend to blend out my make up better.


(please note, some of these Cons can apply to body make up in general)

  • Application (Problem with Setting spray product)

It was really hard to apply. Makeup Disguises recommended me to heat the containers with a hair dryer but I didn’t have access to one. Maybe if I followed her tip it would be easier to apply. It was really hard to make the colour even, unless I went completely opaque.  It streaks and comes off easily unless you powder and spray the areas at a time. If you spray too much then the area will flake off. The Setting spray (88698) didn’t spray properly so I kept putting too much up close, but when I tried to spray far away and it didn’t cover enough area. I think if the spray worked properly the make up might not have come off as easily, because it was so difficult to apply. You may want to buy another spray bottle that might spray better. The spray bottle also came leaking, perhaps it was broken.

  • Fading, Smudging, and Rubbing off

As I expect from most body make up’s it did fade and smudge in some area’s. It may have been that I didn’t apply the setting powder or spray properly. There are some areas that stayed, and some that didn’t. I felt bad because it came off on my friends car even though I applied the powder and spray generously and I tried to apply it evenly. So I was a little disappointed in how it came off. I didn’t sweat much but it did fade inside my elbows and knees. It didn’t come off as much as other make ups (as I’ve heard and seen pictures from other companies), but it was enough that I was annoyed and unhappy with it. Please note that I am a beginner at this stuff, it is my first time using body paint so I have nothing to compare to. I may have done something wrong in the process.

  • Left over Residue

Though it was easy too come off on my face, I found it left a dry residue on my body (only the parts I had dry skin). I scrubbed in the shower with soap and it was hard to take off. It’s a bit annoying because when you put clothing over it, it sticks a bit to your body. After 3 days (3 showers) all the make up residue finally came off.


Overall I give Graftobian Make-Up Company a rating of 7.5/10. Please keep in mind this is my first time using body paint and my rating is based off of only internet reviews of other make up experiences. It did what It needed to do. It stayed on decently but still rubbed off on my costume and on my friends car. If it was for a photoshoot or for only the face I would use this product again. If I were to do this 3 day event again I would try  PAX, a self-mixed body paint. I originally wanted to try it, but its a lot of effort and dedication.

Body paint cosplay experience: This experience  with body paint did discourage me from doing body painting cosplay ever agian. This isn’t the fault of the make up company, but the hassle it brought me. It took too long to apply it on my body (1.5 hours), It didn’t look good up close person (smudgy and fading) and I ruined some of my armor, and friends car in the process.

I was still happy with my end resulting cosplay, without the body paint my cosplay wouldn’t have been as accurate or effective. Hope this helps with anyone considering using body paint. If you have any questions please ask below =).


3 thoughts on “Graftobian Make-Up Review

  1. Facial primers are often part of our daily makeup routine. I generally edit this step from my videos because it is monotonous/boring. However, many face products have built-in primers. We sometimes forget to prime the rest of our bodies in preparation for full body makeup. Any surface area that will be coated with creme foundation will need a makeup primer. (The colorless stuff that you use on your face will work) Dry areas can be especially problematic without one. The setting spray can function as a primer according to their site if you don’t have any alternatives. I lack experience with body makeup and this detail completely slipped my mind. Our bodies need to be treated like our faces.

    Next year, we can go to AN2013 together :3

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