I’ve been home a week and a bit more. Except I randomly went out to see Men in Black, and yesterday to the mall & starbucks.

So, during my free/bored time I’ve been watching K-dramas. Marathon of Lee Dong-Wook. I saw “Wild Romance” and “Scent of a Woman”

They are a bit old but still good. At the moment, I’m watching “I do, I do”, “I love Lee Tae-Ri (Italy)”, “Queen’s Men(?) 인현왕후의 남자”.

FYI, korean dramas are about one-hour long (commercial free). They play twice a week except for daily ones. Most of the time, they have 16-20 episodes. So, time well wasted I guess lol.


8 thoughts on “K-drama

  1. I don’t really keep up with k-dramas anymore, but I used to watch them a lot (when I was out of American tv shows and animes to watch XD). I enjoyed “Mary stayed out all night” and “My girlfriend is a gumiho” was the one that drew me in. If you have more time to waste, check those out! 🙂

    • I didn’t like “Mary stayed out all night” but I loved “My gf is gumiho”
      You should also check out “The King, Two Hearts”, “Goong”, “Coffee Prince”, etc.

  2. I noticed that most of the Korean women in Kdramas have full brows and smiling puffs below the eyes. I’m interested in trying out that look

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