Shyvana Cosplay Cost/Review

Hello Everyone!

This will hopefully be my last post about Shyvana Cosplay! You guys must be sick of it! I thought it might be interesting to break down the cost of my cosplay and review a few things I should have done differently. First I’ll do a cost break down:

Shyvana Cosplay Cost Breakdown:

  • Foam board  ($1.25 x 13) = $18.36
  • Spray foam ($8.99 x 2.5 cans) = $25.40
  • Body paint = $63.61
  • Fabric + bra cups = $32 (ish)
  • Boots = $14.68
  • Gloves= $4.51
  • Paints/spray paints = $90 (ish)
  • Fast Mache ($13.99 x3) = $47.43
  • Sand paper = (5.99 x 3) = $20.31
  • Polyfilla Plaster = (3.99 x 2) = $9.02
  • Plaster tool = $1.13
  • Masking Tape = $2.49
  • Head strap (Given) = $0
  • Velcro = $1.13

Total of Shyvana Cosplay = Priceless $330.07

Thing I would have done differently for the Shyvana Cosplay:

  1. Check for coupons at the Micheals’ art’s and craft store. The day I bought Paints it came out to $90, which I was shocked. I realized that they often have coupons online for 40% off different items and sometimes off a whole purchse. I really could have saved a lot of money if I checked deals instead of accepting the bill.
  2. Peel all the paper off the foam boards before starting a prop. As I painted and even during the convention I noticed that the paper off the foam board started peeling off since it wasn’t strongly attached to the board. All I had to do was super glue it back to the foam board, but If I had peeled it off in the first place I wouldn’t have any problems with it
  3. Use cardboard instead of foam board. I’m not sure if it would be better to use, but it definitely would have been cheaper. I’ll have to try it out another time. I had some lying around but since I’m obsessed with keeping things white, I had to pay for it -_-.
  4. Spray paint all the props. I am still debating what would have been better. I wanted to show detail and depth in my props, but i would have saved time and maybe money if i just spray painted all the red on and then applied the gold.
  5. More time!  I think most people have this problem. You can never have enough time!

In the end I was very pleased with my Shyvana Cosplay and I enjoyed the positive comments. In the end if I knew the price of the project and the hassle of the make up I might have no done this cosplay. It makes me sad to say this but it is true! Its a lot of money and time invested which I should have calculated in the beginning.  I hope that people enjoyed this cosplay otherwise! I might wear it again for other conventions, we’ll see!

~ Coco Rocha


4 thoughts on “Shyvana Cosplay Cost/Review

  1. Hey love the cosplay!
    Just wondering from a fellow cosplayer, how did you strap on your armor? What kind of material are you using to keep it on yourself?

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