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Hello GGG readers!

Our recent posts were about Anime North, cosplay as LoL characters. Too bad I missed out on those events, but very proud of other members who successfully made the costume themselves from scratch and was able to show it off with other talented people throughout the convention. Please check out the pictures in posts below. There are steps and guides as well.

For me, ever since I graduated from uni I havent been playing a lot of games lately. Yes yes, everyone plays Diablo 3. I don’t have it yet >.>

Anywho, my friend has this annual bbq party in summer whenever his parents go for vacation which was this passed weekend.

Everyone else is asian except for the host’s gf. But no worries, she likes asian food. We prepared burgers, drumsticks, and assorted hong kong style balls.

For games, we had PS3, our own laptops (Diablo 3), monopoly, monopoly deal, and cranium.

Here are few pictures of how cranium works.

You play by teams, there were four of us in total (2 vs 2).


They tell you do describe something in three words, the topic was “sunday night football” and you need at least one common word. They couldn’t get it right because one person wrote “beer, chips, bbq” and other person wrote “football, trophy, party”.

Other stuff requires you to make stuff with playdoh and your teammate has to guess it.

I could not coordinate with my teammate, we kept raging at each other for not getting it right lol. All in all, it was fun times.

On a side note, after playing with playdoh for a while you become a little high and laugh non-stop… I dunno if its just us or…? I searched on wikipedia for ingredients and it has “natural gas” but that wouldn’t effect us tho.

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3 thoughts on “BBQ & Games

    • i even played this game, where u make something n other person guesses… category is open. we played at starbucks, it was so much fun. ppl looked at us weird tho lol

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