Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Review

Hello Everyone!

This weekend I was lucky to try the prepaid Guild Wars 2 beta weekend (June 8th – June 1oth)! I was pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoyed this game. I probably took 10 minutes making my character, even though I won’t be able to use the character for the actual game. I wanted to try engineer because apparently I get turrets! I’ve always had a thing for turrets because I owned with Engineer in TF2 and have fun using Heimerdinger once in a while.

Here is what my character looked like:

This is me on a mission to show that I am worthy:

I have to admit that I had a lot of trouble with the navigation and mechanics of the game. I’m new to PC games and it takes me a while to get use to different game controls. Diablo 3, I learnt pretty quickly but Guild Wars 2 will take me some time getting used to. I’m more familiar with the mechanics of TF2 and L4D2, which is easier in my opinion.

After completing the mission I get to submit a report on the event:

I also tried PVP mode, which I had no idea what I was doing. I just followed people and hit anyone who appeared to be my enemy. Here are the portals to different locations (I started to really like the graphics in this game once I put everything to high resolution):

Here is a battle! We seemed to be outnumbered!

I started chasing this one person who looked alone, but someone started shooting me from behind:

I’m hurt and I guess getting second chances?

They didn’t give me any chance to survive. I seemed to have failed getting up so I died:

Overall I had a blast trying out this game. I didn’t play the first one so I am completely new to this. I love that this game is a massive multiplayer game and I’m more attracted to play this game then Diablo 3. I’m still at level 28 in hardcore mode because I’m too scared to proceed my missions and die (and lose my character forever). I’m not into solo or long grinding games such a Skyrim, Diablo 3 or WoW. I hate the dedication you have to put into it. I’m more of a multiplayer gamer. I like games such as TF2, L4D2 and LoL. I’m interested in trying to dedicate my time into Guild Wars 2. I laughed at some parts and I’m able to play without getting too frustrated.  I definitely recommend trying this game!

BTW: I was recovering my password for my email, and I think they are on to me….

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9 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Review

    • 1. As I mentioned in my article “I’m new to PC games” & “I am completely new to this”
      2. Glamorous Gamer Girls consists of girl authors, I am “CocoRocha”
      3. </3
      4. No hard feelings, I'm open to constructive criticism. What bothered you in the article? I admit my writing is pretty horrid, but I try my best. Details! How can I write better?

  1. Looks interesting. I might give GW2 a try when it officially comes out.

    BTW, why are you only playing hardcore on D3?

    • Ya, I’m definitely gonna buy it! Just trying from a prepaid friend.

      All my friends play hardcore mode and so I started playing right when my normal character got to lvl 10. Now everyone died and gave up hardcore so I’m stuck alone -_-. I tried normal but I don’t like my character (demon hunter) as much as my Hardcore (Witch doctor). I’m also higher lvl in hardcore.

  2. Hahaha i love the way you wrote this article, eqsy to understand for other newcomers what your on about like the second chance (downed state) haha!.

    So bassicly i like to play wvw most of the time, which stands for world vs. world. Here different servers battle against eachother to conquer the wvw map. Your goal is to cut of the enemy resources yet maintaining your own. Using supply as your main resource to build siege equipment, thus making it easyer to conquest a tower/keep/encampment.

    I hope you learned these basics while you played gw2, and i look forward seeing you in the mists 🙂

    • Haha, ya I will definitely look it over before I start playing. I just didn’t have a lot of time to play so I just started right away without any knowledge to the game. Thanks for the explanation though! I had fun! Can’t wait to play more XD!

  3. I’m loving Guild Wars 2 as well! I’ve been playing mainly on a Human Elementalist though. But it’s nice to see one of the girls also playing this game~

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