League of Legends: Win a Riot Nasus Skin Contest

Hello Summoners!

Glamorous Gamer Girls is hosting a short contest to win a League of Legends Riot Nasus Skin (courtesy of Makeup Disguises). We were thinking of doing a day giveaway but with all the giveaway codes everywhere, we decided to make it a bit more difficult, so people who really want it will have more of a chance earning it.

Contest Rules (Please read carefully):

Starting tomorrow (June 12th 2012), we will post questions or tasks which have to do with League of Legends. It will be a duration of four days, with four questions or tasks. The last question or task will be posted on Saturday and closed  when we will announce the winner on Saturday June 16th around 6pm.

You do not need to be registered to WordPress or have any sort of account. The only people who are not eligible for the GGG contest is our friends (We know your smurf accounts too!). Our GGG Subscribers will have a good chance in this contest because once the question is up they will be notified by email (Check your notification settings). They won’t have to check every hour to see if the question is up. We will try to accommodate for the people at work. This means ether our questions posts will appear at lunchtime or at night time.

All you need to do is include your summoner name in-game in your replies. Don’t be alarmed! We have to accept your comment in order for it to be shown, so if you comment, people will not be able to copy your answer. Make sure all your answers have your summoner name! Once we have our winner, we will use your summoner name to add you on one of our friend lists to message you the code. You could also include your email if you prefer it to be sent there instead. Answers will be revealed once the question is closed, which will is at midnight the day of the question posted.

This contest will be based on a point system. The first person to comment the right answer gets 2 points, and the remaining right answers get 1 point each.Who ever has the most points by Saturday at 5pm gets the Riot Nasus Skin. If on Saturday there is a tie, and more than one person has the most points on Saturday, it will be rewarded to the person who got the highest points first.

Please don’t spam your comments, I assure you they submitted! You can double check by seeing if you comment says “awaiting moderation”. This means that the comment has been sent to us, and no one can see it on the post at the moment. Here is an example of what you should expect:

This is somewhat complicated, and seems like too much work for a Nasus Riot Skin, but It would be too overwhelming to “pick a random person” or “giveaway to the first person who posts”, so we are going to try this out! If there are any questions please comment below!

Good luck and be sure to check for the riddle per day!


3 thoughts on “League of Legends: Win a Riot Nasus Skin Contest

  1. Hmmm…. If you’re gonna do 2pts for the first correct answer, is there a specific time you’ll be putting up the question/task?

    • Don’t want to specify a certain time, “posts will ether appear at lunchtime or at night time”. We don’t have a specific time, but it should be around 12pm – 1pm, or 5pm – 7pm.

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