League of Legends Riddle Challenge #3 – Win a Riot Nasus Skin

To the battle Summoners!

I am your beacon to guide you in the fight,

I can grant you powers and increase your might!

But beware! My powers will expire!

Alas, from the Summoner’s Rift I have been retired…


Please comment below with your answer and include your email or in game name for a chance to win!

Good luck!

Challenge #3 is now closed!

The answer is Summoner Spell: Rally!

We will now release answers and point totals will be revealed on our Facebook page. Keep up with your answers, and try to get as many points as possible. Please don’t give up! Things are getting more interesting. Try again tomorrow!

Good luck tomorrow!


22 thoughts on “League of Legends Riddle Challenge #3 – Win a Riot Nasus Skin

  1. I thought there were 4 riddles instead of 5? If the contest ends Saturday at 5, does that mean Satuday’s riddle ends earlier than normal?

    • The last question or task will be posted on Saturday and closed at 5pm. we will announce the winner on Saturday June 16th at 6pm. Who ever has the most points by Saturday at 5pm gets the Riot Nasus Skin. If on Saturday there is a tie, and more than one person has the most points on Saturday, it will be rewarded to the person who got the highest points first.

  2. Name: injuredisalright
    Answer: rally

    I’m probably not going to win this contest but still appreciate the opportunity

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