Restaurant Review: Daylight Grill

Hello Everyone!

I recently went to this breakfast and brunch restaurant located at 980 Southdown Clarkson, Ontario and it was worth every cent! Compared to Tutti Frutti and Cora’s Breakfast, it is more cheaper and the taste is better! I believe the quantity is about the same except for the five egg omelette:

It looks like a normal sized omelette but it is massive! It cost $8.67 compared to other breakfast restaurants that can charge up to $12.99, plus you get way more egg at this restaurant! I’m pretty picky when it comes to separating my sweet food with the salty, so it was nice they separated the plates. At Tutti Frutti and Cora’s my pancakes are mixed with my eggs and hash browns so I have to eat it a certain order so when I add syrup its not all over the place with the rest of my food.  This plate was the Daylight special! I thought it was the usual “Ham or sausage or bacon”, but it included all three!

This meal also came with toast:

This whole meal was $9.99! I was so full I wasn’t able to finish everything. Usually this type of dish can be around $12.99 – $15.99 at other places. Another standard dish is the Western sandwich:

This sandwich was $7.48, which also beats the price at breakfast restaurants. With our meal we also ordered 2 freshly squeezed orange juice. It tasted great, but it was expensive like other restaurants. It was in a small bottle too, so had to ask for water in the end. The coffee was $1.79 which was refillable. In total the meal cost us $39.00 for three people! I think that is pretty reasonable compared to other restaurants. Usually this would be the price for two people.

Overall I recommend Daylight Grill if you are in the area! The taste and price beats other restaurants. It seems to be run by a family, but I’m not sure. Don’t get me wrong I still go to Tutti Fruitti’s, but between Daylight Grill and them, I would choose Daylight Grill. Cora’s, I’ve given up on. I’ve tried to enjoy myself at Cora’s many times and the food just isn’t worth the price.

Hope you liked my review!

Stay tuned, the Nasus skin contest riddle will be out soon!


5 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Daylight Grill

  1. Good thing I have a bagel handy or else I’d be getting into an argument with my stomach right about now.

  2. I went to Tutti Frutti, and my strawberry had mold on it, and there was a live bug crawling in my lettuce…

    I’ve never gone back.

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