Defeating Diablo 3 in Normal Hardcore

Hello Everyone!

As most of you probably are aware League of Legends has been having server issues for the past few days, so I’ve been playing Diablo 3 instead! To be honest I have a feeling my obsession with League of Legends will soon end, along with L4D2 and TF2. I’m getting bored of it and I usually move on to the next game. I am anticipating Guild Wars 2! I enjoyed Diablo 3, but I’m not that crazy about it as much as other games. I don’t find myself eager to get home to play Diablo 3. Most of my friends died in hardcore and gave up to play normal mode instead. I played most of the game alone which is why maybe I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would with multiplayer games.

Before reading the rest of this post, please be aware that there are spoilers!

I’ve been avoiding actual gameplay in Diablo 3 and enjoying the auction house instead. I searched for a couple of items so that I wouldn’t have to worry about playing against Diablo. I spent a lot of money to get some of these items. My biggest spend was my THIEF’S BARRIER (Rare Chest Armor), which I bought for 14,999. I think my best purchase was my CRUSH SPINE (Rare Mace) I bought for  3,000. I love it because it has 123 vitality and poison damage! The rest of my items were half bought and half found. Here were my item stats before I went to fight Diablo:

Here are some screen shots before fighting Diablo, I was scared the entire time, I didn’t look up anything to know where I would fight him or what kind of fight to expect. I was planning to look it up and then I got lazy. I knew I was close when this other angel guy wanted to battle me because I’m human and its all my fault that this is happening. What a jerk…

Apparently Diablo already started taking away the angels powers so I didn’t end up fighting the orange angel.  I’m pretty sure I heard my character say “Tyrael, you can fight even though you’re not an angel”, and he’s like NOPE, you fight him alone human, GOOD LUCK. What a jerk…

It’s all good thought cause I’ve got Templar and he always distracts the enemy :3. Wait, He got stuck in a trap. He’s telling me “I better go ahead without him”. Sure Templar, getting trapped in there was an “accident”. Geeze, what a jerk…

These cowards! Making me fight Diablo alone. I was definitely scared, but at this time I’m really glad I picked Witch Doctor. I imagine that class is the best to defeat bosses because my minions are always distracting them. It’s only once in awhile you actually have to worry about the bosses focusing you.

My Zombie Dogs and Gargantuan (minions) died a few times and my spells for them were still on cool down. I got caught in his cage three times -_-. Near the end I got the hang of dodging the black spots where the cage traps you. I usually don’t panic because I have my Spirit Walk to get away in tight spots, unfortunately you can’t cast spells in the cages. When he comes to pick you up in the cage he took about 1/3 of my life. I have 6343 maximum life so thats about 2,115 dmg. Right after he dropped me I just popped my health potions.

I think about half way through he sent me somewhere else where I’m fighting my own self? I’m not sure I didn’t catch everything he was saying. Too busy thinking I was about to die. There is smoke surrounding you, so you don’t have much vision of when this demon will come out. Once in awhile shadows of my appearance came out, but they weren’t to hard to kill.

After I killed this Demon, I went back to Diablo and I was able to beat him!

I was still worried something would come back up and I would still have to fight. I knew it was over when I saw Diablo being casted down the heavens.

After that Tyrael act’s as if he has accomplished something. I’m pretty sure I was the one who killed Diablo, but sure I’ll watch a the ending cinematic with you in it. I really enjoyed the graphics in the ending cinematic.

Hurrah! I beat Diablo 3 in Normal, Hardcore. I think everyone has already done this a month ago, but I finally was able to do it. I guess you will be fine as long as you have the right items and watch out for the cage when fighting Diablo. To be honest the most trouble I had was when I was fighting the ACT 2 boss. You just don’t have much places to go to regenerate your health. In the end it was easier than I thought. I think people die mostly in the hell or infernal mode. Even then I’m worried about the nightmare mode. We will see!

What happened to Leah at the end? Was she evil in the end? I wasn’t really sure what happened. There seemed to be no connection with her uncle and Leah at the end or was I confused? Oh well..did anyone else think of Urgot from League of Legends when they saw this?

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