Traditional Vietnamese Dress

I’m going to be a bridesmaid in my cousin’s upcoming wedding in July. The wedding will be held in Wichita, Kansas so a bunch of us are flying out. My aunt sewed the bride and her 3 bridesmaids the traditional Vietnamese dress called the “Ao Dai” in Vietnamese. Usually at weddings, the bride and her bridesmaid and any other woman attending the tea ceremony can wear the Ao Dai. They come in many colours and can have any designs on them. But only the bride can wear Red. Back in the day, the groom would wear it too in blue but these days, the groom usually just wears a suit. Anyways, here’s how it looks on me! We chose the colour pink because it works well summer and also because it works with our fair skin. It comes in 2 parts, a pair of white pants and a long dress over it.


It is still a bit loose on me so we will have to tighten it up to give me more of a figure. I guess i lost weight when they took my measurements! 😛 I’ll show you the final results when I fly over there next month!


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