Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shoes

Hi Everyone~!

I have finally purchased my own pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s!!!!  I have been looking for these for awhile now, but they were always sold out or back-ordered.  I ended up purchasing these at Little Burgundy  (which happens to be owned by the same company as Aldo).

They were $160 + tax.  If you are thinking of purchasing them here, remember to use your SPC card to get an additional 10% off if you are a student.

These shoes come in many different patterns and colours.  When I went to the store, they carried them in the popular black leather with brown heel, a black lace version, and a white lace version.  I decided to go with the black leather because it is definitely more versatile than the other colours/patterns.

I am normally a size 7 in shoes.  They had a size 7 to try on in store, however these shoes do run a bit narrow, especially towards the front toe area.  The 7 felt a big snug at my toes.  Since the shoe is leather, it would stretch out over time, but it still felt a little uncomfortable.  I would definitely recommend going ONE SIZE UP in these shoes!  They did not have a size 8 in store, but they ordered them in for me for free.  They arrived within the week and I was super excited!  The leather feels a bit more stiff than they did in store, because they have not been wore in.  These will need to be wore in, and I’m sure over time they will soften up.  However, the size 8 feels perfect!!


Shoe Box


Front and Side View


Front View


I would highly recommend these shoes to anyone looking for a cute and edgy look.  The shoes look extremely high, but they are very easy and comfortable to walk in.  The front has a high platform, so the arch of the shoe isn’t really that steep.

Please comment and let me know what you think of these, and remember to like our Facebook page!!


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