Street Fighter Derps


I’m “ima”, the newest contributor to GGG! Nice to meet you all, and thanks to all the girls of GGG for having me here!

It’s my first post, I hope I don’t ramble on too much…anyway, a little bit about me – I love to draw and I love playing games, ranging from the Grand Theft Auto series all the way to cute cooking games. I like to draw in a cartoon-ish style, but I try to dabble in as many styles as I can.

Here are some Street Fighter sketches I’ve been doing – I intend to make more in the future! Just trying to figure out what ridiculous situations I can put the characters in …who’s next!? 😀

Thanks, and hope you enjoyed these!


4 thoughts on “Street Fighter Derps

  1. Always nice to see more contributors, welcome!

    How about Ken or Ryu doing that floating spin kick ability as a flying technique? 🙂

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