Yellow, Black, and Gold Nails

Allu GGG friends,

Listening to: Stay Away From My Friends – Pierce the Veil

Another simple nail design for you folks!

Choose 3 colours: one as your base colour and two as your accents. You can choose any 3 colours, preferably one of your accent colours and the base colour should match whereas the other accent colour contrasts. I chose yellow, black, and gold.


This time, I decided to have point cut tips for my nails. This seems to be quite a trend but personally, I don’t like having my nails too long so I’ve done short points. But you can cut your nails however you’d like. Colour your base coat onto your index finger, middle finger and pinky. Be sure to apply 2 coats if needed.

Colour your forefinger with the contrast colour as your accent finger and your thumb with the other accent colour. Allow each coat to dry.

With a paintbrush and the base colour nail polish, line your forefinger in scattered lines. On my right hand, I changed my scattered lines to be the other accent colour instead. Then apply 2 layers of clear top coat!

Sorry friends. I haven’t been doing crazy nail designs lately. I’ve been running out of cute design ideas… Perhaps you can suggest? 🙂

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Never give up on a good thing.



2 thoughts on “Yellow, Black, and Gold Nails

  1. Why thank you! I was looking at your blog and I really like your designs. I’ll definitely start following 🙂

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