GGG cooking beef tenderloin

Hello GGG Readers!

We’ve decided to get together and cook and play some games together. Because that’s what we do in real life -_-; lol

So, our main menu was beef tenderloin… We weren’t creative on the menu part… Personally, I’m not a good cook… I can only make ramen, seaweed soup and japchae.

Here are pictures of us getting ready.

Our ingredients are:

We just added kalbi sauce to our pre-sliced beef tenderloin.

(*whispers*) We cheated a little by adding the sauce we “bought”.

But if you guys wanna know the ingredients for it.

[onions, garlic, green onions, honey, soya sauce, sesame oil, black pepper. and don’t forget to add either pear, pineapple or kiwi to make the meat softer.]

it’s good to marinate them a day before in the refrigerator.

After adding oil on the frying pan/grill (if you wanna know when it’s heated up, add 1 or 2 drops of water or sauce onto the pan and when it simmers it’s heated up and good to grill).

When you cook beef, you should only flip 2-3 times max… Don’t flip a lot, wait for it to cook, when you see brownness on the side… flip it.

You want to cook this medium, not medium-rare or well-done… Just, medium.

And, our final result was:


I forgot to mention that we grilled little pieces of garlic with oil for the beef.

It was served with rice.  This was made for 3 of us, it was just the right portion. Although, ninjabunni3s had two bowls of rice. :p

Us playing games will be posted by ninjabunni3s the next day, so stay tuned!

Don’t forget to “like” us on facebook at and leave comments on the below for questions and feedbacks, thanks 😉


6 thoughts on “GGG cooking beef tenderloin

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  2. I should not have read this article. I was already hungry before reading this. 😦

    It looks too yummy…. Garnish ftw.

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