Cafe Sketching 1, 2, 3!

Hey everybody!

Something that I’ve missed doing the past 2 months or so is cafe sketching – where I go down my closest Starbucks (or food court if there’s no seats!), I sit down and I stare at people that walk by for a couple of hours…oh yeah, I draw them too. LOL! It’s as not creepy as you think (I hope).

For people who want to get into the habit of drawing regularly and practicing your skills, it’s definitely something I recommend doing! It’s hard to try to sit down one day and try to draw something out of the blue, so why not try to draw the things that are around you? You can pick out really interesting characters from the crowd.

Here are a couple of pages from my sketchbook of sketches I’ve done in the past, some in pen, pencil, and one is digitally coloured:

Some tips that I keep in mind when I do cafe sketching:

– Start your drawing off in broad, rough strokes to try to get your entire picture down first in the first 5 seconds. Never focus on just the face or details and forget about drawing the rest of the body! I always have trouble with this.

– You never know when the person you’re drawing is going to move and when you will lose the pose you were drawing – draw quickly! It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t look pretty in the beginning, you will have time to fix it up when you have a rough sketch of it down already.

– Try not to stare the person down when you’re trying to draw them. Creeps them out. They might take your drawing away (I kid. But you never know). If you can’t help it, wear sunglasses! You’ll look snooty for wearing them indoors, but oh well!

– Practice really does make perfect! Don’t try to hide hands and feet in a drawing because you hate drawing them, or you don’t know how – in fact, you have to draw more of them!

– Draw on the go! Keep a little sketchbook with you if you don’t have the time to sit at a coffee shop for a couple hours!

That’s all I’ve got for now, hope I can make time to do more cafe sketching again! “Like” us on Facebook if you like us! Thanks 🙂


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