Niagara Falls

Hello GGG Readers!

My friend’s friend only stayed in Toronto for 8 months to learn English. I asked her if she tried Beaver Tails or Maple Taffy which are Canadian’s traditional candy. She said no, and that’s how we decided to make a trip to Niagara Falls.

We, also, went to the winery at Inniskillin. Tasting for red&white wines costs $1 per glass (note: it’s not a full glass). Icewine tasting costs from $5 to $10 depending on the type.

After walking around and then eating dinner at Tony Roma‘s (we all had ribs), we had beaver tails for dessert.

We tried number 9 cuz it’s less filling than other ones and more refreshing than number 1.

Maple taffy is only available during winter time. I’ve tried it at Quebec City. You pour hot maple syrup on snow, wrap it around in a stick and you just eat it.

I do recommend to try both desserts. You can make maple taffy at home, but not beaver tails because it has to be deep fried. I still haven’t tried all types of beaver tails yet, wanting to try the nutella one. I forgot if it was available at Ribfest or not. I’m actually craving some right now >_<

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6 thoughts on “Niagara Falls

  1. I like how that sign has pictures of little kids eating them. It’s as if they’re trying to appeal to your inner child so you’d eat em like little kids. 🙂

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