Blitzcrank Sculpture + Time-Lapse Video

Boopity boop boop GGG readers!

I wanted to show you guys the Blitzcrank sculpture I made awhile ago! Finally got around to putting together the time lapse videos.

This Blitzcrank was made from Sculpey clay that you can get from Michael’s Arts Stores or Curry’s – I only needed one box for this because some of the big bulk in the character was from rolling up aluminum foil in the wireframe so it’s not solid clay. It’s a bit expensive though – but super, super easy to work with.

I forgot exactly how long it took…probably a couple of hours each day over 1-2 weeks? The painting I did in one or two long sittings because it’s not something I could drop and come back after a couple hours – my paints will dry!

Anyway, here’s a video of the timelapse of it – sorry for the bad resolution, I didn’t really expect to actually film my whole process because I was only trying out the LapseIt app to see how the time lapse worked. In the end I got the full version so somewhere in the middle of it the resolution gets a bit clearer!

Below are more pictures I took of the sculpture once I finished:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Best memory: Adding the coat of varnish to the sculpture…made it look so shiny…also I’m finally finished!

Worst memory: I was screaming OH ONONONONNO when the clay started to warm in the oven and turn soft before actually baking, thus making him flop over because he’s so top-heavy and that broke his fingers. It was an intense emergency situation.

Hope you enjoyed this post, because I really enjoyed making it!

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