Night Market 2012: Night it Up!

Every year around July, there’s an annual night market, which is usually held in Markham. This year it was held in Markham Civic Centre and lasted three days. What happens in night market? There are a bunch of vendors set up that sell Asian food and drinks. They also hold performances on the stage and this year, I believe there were also sport tournaments held.

Some of the snacks from night market

These are some photos from night market that I found funny. In the top picture, that’s when I was waiting for my aloe drink and all I see in the back were people opening aloe drinks from bottles and pouring them into the cups. -_- As for the bottom picture… that is self-explanatory LOL

I admit that the weather this year for night market was way too hot and clammy. However, if you live around the area and you missed night market this year, be sure to catch it next year!


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