Side Hair Bun Using Hair Extensions

Hi Everyone!

I want to show you guys a super easy and cute hair-do that I do on a regular basis.  I naturally have very thin hair.  When I put my hair up in a bun, it sometimes looks funny since I don’t have much hair.  In order to make it look fuller, I use clip on extensions.

I recently dyed my hair a lighter colour, so please ignore the fact that the extensions do not match my hair colour! LOL

Before picture of my hair down.  I ombred my hair recently.  I will post a tutorial on how I did it soon!

Step 1:
First I tease my hair at the crown and hairspray.  This helps the extensions hold on better, gives volume, and helps to hide the extensions.

Step 2:
Flip your teased hair over (towards your face).  Take your hair extensions and clip them in an upwards direction (upside down).  Try to clip them in an arched shape and not too close to the sides of your head.  You want to keep them focused towards the center of you head, so that when you put your hair up, there will be enough hair on the sides to cover the extensions.  The last thing you want is for them to show!  I personally like to put in 3 rows of extensions that vary in width.

Step 3:
Flip  your hair back down.  Gather your hair up into a high pony tail.  Make sure your hair extensions are being covered by the hair towards the side of your face.

Step 4:
Don’t loop your hair fully through the hair elastic on your last time around to create a bun.  I like to put the bun towards the left side of my head.  Double check with a mirror that it looks good from behind.  And finally, hairspray!!!

I hoped this tutorial helped you.
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