Warped Tour 2012 – Toronto

Rock on GGG fans,

Listening to: Only One – Yellow Card

Warped Tour 2012 Toronto was insane! As posted on my Twitter and Facebook feed, “I couldn’t love yesterday anymore than I already do.”

The last concert I’ve been to was The Edge Fest in 2006 at the Canadian Molson Amphitheater. Warped Tour this year was also at the Molson Amphitheater but a whole lot different experience. At The Edge Fest, the concert was actually spent all in the amphitheater. The bands would each come up to the same microphone and we would have seats. This year no seats, eight stages, plenty of running around. Each stage has their own name to help narrow down where each band is playing: Kia Rio, Kia Soul, Monster Energy, Tilly, House of Marley, Kevin Says, Ernie Ball, and Acoustic Basement. My boyfriend and I gravitated mainly towards the main stages of Kia Rio and Kia Soul. We were lucky enough to see all of our bands except The Used and Falling In Reverse just because they weren’t there. There weren’t any seats so we had to push through the crowd to get a good enough sight. We stayed clear of the circle pits and crowd surfers. I’m not too interested in getting my teeth broken into lol. But if you’re ever brave enough I say go for it! I hope to one day have the courage to crowd surf 🙂

Our Bands

  • Four Year Strong
  • All Time Low
  • We The Kings
  • Yellowcard
  • We Are The In Crowd
  • New Found Glory
  • Pierce The Veil
  • Taking Back Sunday
  • Mayday Parade

I took pictures of each band and had videos for all of them except for Four Year Strong and I wasn’t there for New Found Glory because We Are The In Crowd were playing at the same time at another venue. My boyfriend got to watch them and I preferred We Are The In Crowd. I’ll be posting pictures 0f each band and a video. I’ll input my reviews of each experience with each band. I was much closer to the stage then the videos made it look out to be and for the videos, I’m a jumper, head banger, and arms flailing type so when I filmed it was very shaky but with Youtube I stabilized each video for you folks. Personally though, I love the shakiness. It gives the videos some sense of realness.

Four Year Strong


Four Year Strong is a hard, heavy screamo band. Their performance was pumped full blown! In the last picture is an example of a circle pit. It’s basically an area where a whole bunch of fans run around in a circle and flail around dancing.

All Time Low


All Time Low is a punk rock band. They had an ear pumping performance! Their quite the profanity type band. I mean in between each song almost every single sentence consisted of the F word and sexual references but I loved it! They got me pregnant! Kidding 😛

The song in the video is Jasey Rae – All Time Low

We The Kings


We The Kings by far take the tied spot of best performance at Warped Tour 2012 Toronto to me :D. I could hardly keep my feet on the floor. The atmosphere from the band spread throughout the crowd. There were cameras everywhere to film for one of their newest music video so omg, we may take part in their next video lol.

The song in the video is Skyway Avenue – We The Kings


Here was when the downpour begins. Our excitement was drowned in rain for the next hour or so. Many parts of the ground of Ontario Place was flooded and my boyfriend and I were drenched to the bone hiding under the trees. We missed out on two signings from Taking Back Sunday and We Are The In Crowd but when they announced that the show was back on we were beside ourselves! *Note: if the weather forecast shows rain bring a poncho, a pair of socks, extra underwear, and Ziplock bags for your electronics instead of trying to tough it out lol.


Yellowcard is the only band that I’m a fan of that actually has a violinist member and I LOVE the violin. They were pumped but the energy from the crowd had the rain suck it right out of them. Before they performed, we were all running from shelter to shelter and the rain was pounding hard with cold. Yellowcard commented on our lack of excitement and I couldn’t blame them. Now, I don’t know if it was solely because of the rain or perhaps we were just waiting for their older work. I’ll admit that that was what I was waiting for. Mind my singing screaming in the video lol.

The song in the video is Only One – Yellowcard

We Are The In Crowd

We Are The In Crowd is one of the few bands where there is a girl vocalist and a guy vocalist. During this time, New Found Glory and We Are The In Crowd were playing at the same time but We Are The In Crowd is one of my more favourable bands so my boyfriend and I had to split up. The crowd was a lot smaller than the other bands I’ve been to that day so I was about three rows away from the front until this stupid hussy pushed her way in front of me. But at one point, I think Taylor was looking straight at me :D. Unfortunate thing was the microphone for the singers were drowned out by the drums :(. But We Are The In Crowd know how to bring out the crowd and almost every single person there sung every lyric including myself <3. I was so close to grabbing a drumstick.

The song in the video is For The Win – We Are The In Crowd

New Found Glory

As I mentioned before I didn’t go to see NFG but my boyfriend did so this will be his comments about their performance.

“Wow, I feel privileged to be contributing to this blog.  It’s gained such a reputable reputation (for lack of better words) so thank you smajoyful and fellow GGG’ers.  So, New Found Glory or NFG are a pop punk rock band. I first heard about them in high school when they were only performing cover songs from the 80’s and have been following them ever since.  I dug their backdrop banner the most.  For a couple of their songs they went old school and it made me feel a bit nostalgic.  They even played the song ‘Basket Case’ from Green Day’s Dookie album which really went back.  Kick.  Ass.  Anyway, NFG still brings out as much energy and jump from the crowd as they did in the past.  Glad they made it to Tdot.”

Pierce The Veil

Pierce The Veil tied it with We The Kings for my favourite performance of the night. Wow! I was at a lost for words! I was most excited to see them that whole day. They’re those types of bands who don’t sing exactly the way they recorded the song and I’m not usually up for that but I couldn’t believe how breath taking they were. I really got lost in the moment. I’m screaming again, sorry XP

The song in the video is Bulletproof Love – Pierce The Veil

Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday has an alternative, pop punk sound. They had a heart pulsing performance! It was an energy flowing and electrifying sound performance. The crowd was consumed in their words especially when they sung their older songs.

The song in the video is Make Damn Sure – Taking Back Sunday

Mayday Parade

Mayday Parade had their performance pushed back because of the rain but they were worth the wait. Every single band member was throwing themselves to the crowd. They had a thundering performance and it was a wonderful finish to an already impacting day!

The song in the video is Jersey – Mayday Parade

Here are our souvenirs 🙂

Mine: We Are The In Crowd shirt, Pierce The Veil shorts, Vans mustache smiley tank, Vans bag

My boyfriend: Taking Back Sunday shirt, Vans hat

We had the time of our lives but this won’t be the last. Until next year Warped Tour!

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“I sold my soul to rock and roll” – Falling In Reverse


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