Android App & Game Faves!

Hey ho everybody, happy Saturday!

Long story short, I bricked my phone recently (soft-brick though, no biggie!), and was trying to reinstall the apps that I always have on my phone ( folks, Titanium Backup is what’s up when you need to restore apps – I learned that too late. Haha) I’m sharing 3 of my favourite apps here, the ones that I went straight to download once my phone started working again:

Pudding Camera

My favourite camera app ever since I stopped using Instagram! Examples of the interface and pictures I’ve taken:


Left to right: Pudding Camera selection interface / Me trying to be all classy, Snap Camera + Noir Film / My wallet, Fantasy Camera + Dazzle Film


  • Select from a range of toy camera styles AND filters (shows as films in the interface) to combine with it!
  • Pictures can be timed
  • Go online to choose more filters to add to your Pudding Camera!


  • Can’t zoom
  • No video function, just pictures

The Sushi Spinnery 


Kairosoft games suck my life away ~_~ I was just finished up Cafeteria Nipponica (which was also a good one!) and this one came out! Same kind of deal like all the Kairosoft games, you manage a sushi restaurant this time around! You spend your time upgrading dishes and using your sushi chefs to create better sushi to serve customers, and also go and take part in contests that happen every couple of months in game.

I love it, but I’m biased because I love Kairosoft games and any sort of food-related games 😀

Toshl Finance


I should really make this app a part of a daily habit thing so I can manage my expenses better and watch what I’m buying all the time 😀

Toshl Finance is a cute app that keeps track of the things you spend! You just put in the value of the expense, tag it into a category, slap on the date you did that purchase, and it keeps track of it for you in relation of a monthly budget if you created one, and you can see how much you spend on a month to month basis.

Honestly, I was looking for a long time for an expense tracker app that wasn’t complicated but also wasn’t so…unpolished-looking? Toshl was the perfect balance! You should check it out if you feel the need to watch what you buy! 😀

That’s all for now! I’m still in the process of customizing my phone right now, I was installing the Resurrection Remix ICS rom into my phone. Best thing ever! You should definitely check it out if you feel like switching up your roms – it’s smooth like butter, and has so many things you can customize.

Hope I’ve piqued your interest to check out these apps 🙂 Please “Like” us on Facebook if you like us, thanks very much!


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