Gyaru PA Nail Seals Review

This was an easy process for a nail n00b like me! First I applied a light, pearly pink polish by Winwax. Next I used rubber seals from Dear Laura’s PA eternal sticker collection (~$5).  The flowers are slightly raised  but not thick like acrylic roses. Finally, I added tiny Glossyblossom silver droplets to the center of the flowers ($2 for 68). The spheres are shiny like rhinestones.  These products are a convenient alternative for people who can’t paint well.  Finish with your favorite shiny top coat!  Gyaru/agejo nails are typically very 3-dimensional with acrylic roses, raised gems, and ribbons. However, I prefer PA seals because they do not get stuck between keys while I am typing. In addition, Glossyblossom and Dear Laura are inexpensive compared to nail art at salons.


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