Defeating Diablo 3 in Nightmare Hardcore

Hello Diablo fans!

I recently defeated Diablo in nightmare hardcore. During this difficulty I didn’t have any trouble with the bosses. I was having more difficulty with the elite monsters if there were too many at a time. Before fighting Diablo I had these items:

I relied on Vitality the most and then Intelligence. The spirt walk and horrify spells helped me through these levels as a Witch Doctor because I was near death a few times and it would save me. Since I had my minions there were times when I had to constantly Spirt walk away from Elites so that I could teleport. Some were too fast and scary, but I also I some bad items at that point as well. A lot of the items I use are from the auction house and not found. Before Diablo, I was really worried about dying so I blew all my money (and some money my friends gave me) and got a reduced lvl weapon for 2 million.

When I first bought it I was like OMG, what have I done. I couldn’t tell if I made a huge mistake or not. I bid on it thinking I would have gotten outbid for sure. I was fighting for it for a good 15 minutes, but was surprised I won in the end.

It’s obviously a huge change in damage. I didn’t have to touch anything, my Zombie Dogs and Gargantuan (minions) also gained damage and killed everything before I could hit it. Here is a video of the kind of damage I was doing (BTW there is a spoiler in this video):

It was pretty amazing for 5 minutes and then I thought, I might have just ruined the game for myself.I defeated Diablo in less than 2 minutes and my minions died only once. Diablo didn’t even try to hit me with a cage, I guess I was too fast. I wanted to take a video but was worried it would make me lag.

During my second time around I discovered the Holy Sanctum room in the last act. I was worried at first because it has these panels that come up and down. I thought I would die but you just need to step on them to activate them. When you activate them normal monsters come, but there isn’t anything special. Honestly this room is a waste of time. There is a chest that gives you crap items at the end and almost no gold. The room is only useful if you wanted a boost of experience.

I also ran into this glitch in the 3rd act which was really annoying. It was doing this for a good 15 minutes before it disappeared randomly

Otherwise this difficulty was okay. It’s definitely more challenging than normal but as others have said it’s not to bad as long as you play safe and get decent items. I enjoyed the second round more for some reason. I know I’m behind, but there must be people still at the same stage as me! I’m looking forward to Hell mode and I will let you know if I am still alive!

By the way there is a deal right now for Diablo 3 that I saw on that is offering  $20 mail in rebate! That means it’s only $39.99! So for those who wanted to try it out now is the time. Unfortunately a lot of people have quit, but I still find it enjoyable.

Good luck for all of you still alive in Hardcore!


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