My Pandora Bracelet

Hello ladies and gents!

I wanted to share with you my Pandora bracelet.  It was a 2011 Christmas present.  I currently have 4 charms on my bracelet.  I have the 18 cm sterling silver bracelet with the Pandora clasp.  I have a relatively small wrist, and I wanted to have a bit of room/looser fit with my bracelet so I went with the 18 cm length.

The first charm I got was the snowflake with the blue gem.  This was given with the bracelet for Christmas.  The second charm I purchased myself.  It was the turtle.  I bought it during Boxing Day shopping purely because I thought it was so adorable!  The third charm I received was the cute little cupcake.  This was a birthday present.  The fourth charm is the birdie, which I received as a birthday present from Boss-Emily.  I also gave her a Buddha Pandora charm for her birthday ❤

Comment below and tell me about your bracelet!
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