The Problem with the MacBook Warranty: Battery Replacement

Hello readers,

Today I’m writing about Apple customer service and their warranty. Before I write about my personal experience, let me tell you first that I was able to get my new battery covered by the warranty but I was 99% sure I would not. If you read carefully, you may pick up some key words I used in order for them to “make an exception” and give me a new battery.

The MacBook Pro extended 3 year warranty:

I was disappointed because I have always supported Apple and was willing to pay more for the belief that they had better products and services. As they are pretty expensive, naturally I got the extended warranty because I was told if anything went wrong it would be replace. I asked about the battery specifically because I had a roommate who couldn’t even use her computer without the power cord after 3 years. They said if it no longer lasted, they would replace it. What key word I did not hear once during the purchase of my MacBook Pro extended 3 year warranty was defective. This word only came up when I told them I needed a new battery.

Battery Cycles:

I was told that the battery could not be covered by my warranty because it exceeded the battery lifetime cycle. This is the number of times that your computer charges. They keep track of the battery cycles in your About this Mac section. Before he checked this he asked if I recharged it properly. I told him that once it hits 100% I unplug it and when it is red and charge it religiously. That was how I was told to charge it by a technician. Since I did that, it means I will have a higher battery cycle. He then told me that he would see how many battery cycles I had to determine if they would change the battery under my warranty. I had about 950 cycles and he said that it was due to consumption not because it was defective. Apparently because it’s expected to only 150 cycles per year, going over means it isn’t defective.

The key words to get your warranty to cover the battery:

Since he said my battery cycle was over what they expected, I argued with him that if I didn’t charge properly I would have gotten the warranty. If I just left it plugged in, it would have fewer cycles, therefore it would seem defective.  All he could say is “no, that isn’t true” and he had no further argument. It makes no sense that I have to be punished for trying to preserve my battery, instead they say that since I used it properly It won’t get it covered by my warranty.

When the Apple technician told me that my warranty would not cover a new battery I was mad because I bought it for that exact reason. I was told that It would be covered if the battery was no longer to my satisfaction. Nothing about defective or consuming the product, had I known this I would have not purchased the warranty. I asked him how much the extended warranty for and he said $200. I had not used my warranty at all and it was about to expire in February and I kept telling him this. I told him I shouldn’t have bought the warranty because I never used it, and if I hadn’t gotten it I would have saved money and used it for the battery I needed now. Even though I had argued that point many times, only at one point he seemed to have given up and looked at his iPad and said “Oh, you haven’t used your warranty at all? I think we can make an exception then”. I was so happy and relived, but at the same time at the back of my head I’m thinking what the hell is this, that I have to fight my way through arguing to get what I paid for.

Overall Disappointment 

In the end I got what I wanted but I had to fight for it. It’s just ridiculous and I’m very disappointed in Apple. What was once a different company with great customer service, turned into something like insurance companies. They used to have the best reputation with warranties and I thought they would replace anything even if it was consumed. I still would have saved money if I did not get the warranty. I think I’ve learnt my lesson about warranties overall. I honestly will switch brands if I see something more giving to their customers. I hope that in the end something changes, ether Apple or the brand I choose in order to receive better customer service. I’ve had enough with phones companies and universities screwing me over, I don’t need more money wasted.

I hope that this helps anyone stuck in the same situation! Hopefully you will have a better experience than me. Don’t forget to Like our GGG Facebook Page!


6 thoughts on “The Problem with the MacBook Warranty: Battery Replacement

  1. Hey! Leave insurance companies out of this! Lol.

    I had the same problem with my iphone 4s. I was told the extended warranty would cover up to 2 accidental damages, so I dished out $100 for it. When I dropped my phone and the screen cracked, they made me pay $200 for a replacement phone because apparently the 2 accidental damage part only applies to the US.

    • LOL…You know its true!

      That sucks, don’t you hate when they leave out the important details? It’s brutal that they tell you that it covers 2 accidental damages while you have the conversation in Canada.

  2. That is one of the reasons why I don’t buy anything from Apple. It’s not worth having to fight your way to get things covered by warranty for them because they expect you to buy a new one once your current software goes defective or obsolete because they always update the hardware but never make it compatible with the previous versions.

    • That’s true, but I feel like all other companies are also like that. I don’t know. I feel like there aren’t any decent companies out there including phone companies.

      • It’s too bad, I used to be a pretty solid Apple fan boy, and they used to treat me well. The reason I switched was because I found their products not versatile enough for what I wanted.

        I never found their service to be bad, and you could have totally got a bad service guy, but still, this is exactly what was setting them apart from other companies, and why people paid a premium on their devices.

        Sorry you got hustled.

      • I was a huge fan of Mac as well and I pay more for the products. I also want to switch since I can’t game as much as I like on a Mac.

        This is my second experience with Mac customer service and both times I was disappointed. Most people argue that it’s my fault I should have known that the battery wouldn’t be covered. I know batteries do not last a long time, but when I got the warranty for it, I was told it would be covered. I guess my mistake was trusting the apple technician to explain it to me properly when I got the extended warranty.

        Honestly I’ve searched up this issue and ton’s of people write about this experience and they basically have a script saying something along the lines that “batteries are like car tires”. It’s a common problem because they misinform people about their warranties. Yes, we should look more into it, but when has good customer service been when the customer looks for their answers?

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